Art Criticism, History and Theory

Books, Edited Volumes & Special Issues

Aceiti, L. & Leishman, D. (eds) Leonardo, Special Issue: ‘Without Sin: Freedom and Taboo in Digital Media’, Vol.19, No.4 2013

Aikens, Nick (ed) Too Much World: The Films of Hito Steyerl, Sternberg Press, Van Abbemuseum and Institute of Modern Art

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– (networked) Every Whisper is a Crash On My Ears (Second Anthology), Arcadia_Missa 2014

– How to Sleep Faster issues I-IV, Arcadia_Missa 2011-2014

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Articles in Journals, Newspapers & Magazines

Akervall, L. ‘Networked Selves: Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch’s Postcinematic Aesthetics’, Screen, Vol.57, Issue 1, Spring 2016 (pp.35-51)

Archey, KarenPost-Internet Observations’, talk commissioned for DLD12, 2012

-‘In Focus: Tyler Coburn’, Frieze, No.161, March 2014

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Bava, Alessandro et al ‘What is Seasteading?’ DIS Magazine, October 2014

 Berry Slater, JosephineMutatis Mutandis’, Mute, July 2013

–’Fleeting, Inconsequential Digital Fluff and the Physical Labour Producing it’,, September 2013

–’Process processed’, presented at Matter of Contradiction conference, London 2013

Bishop, Claire ‘Digital Divide’, Artforum online, September 2012

Borcherdt, Gesine ‘Ryan Trecartin’, ArtReview, Summer 2014

Bratton, Benjamin ‘Root the Earth: Peak Oil Apophenia’, 2011

Bridle, James‘Waving at Machines’, 2011

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Budd, Amy ‘Comment: The Poor Image vs the Stock Image’LUX/ICA Biennial of Moving Imges 2012

Burke, H.(networked) every whisper is an echo on my heart’, Rhizome, June 2013

 Antipatriarchy Online’, Dazed Digital, July 2013

 ‘Art, Bed and Breakfast: The AirBnB Pavilion’, Rhizome, Jun 2014

 ‘Toward Narrative’, Pool, November 2011

Chan, Jennifer‘Why are there no great women net artists’, Pool, 2011

Gender(ed) Cultures on the Internet, .dpi No. 28, 2013

‘From Browser to Gallery (and Back): The Commodification of Net Art 1990-2011’, Pool, December 2011

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‘What’s Postinternet Got to do with Net Art?’, Rhizome, November 2013

‘First Look: Amalia Ulman – Excellences and Perfections’Rhizome, October 2014

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Cramer, Florian‘Post-Digital Aesthetics’, Le Magazine, May 2013

Darling, JesseArcades, Mall-Rats & Tumblr Thugs’, The New Inquiry, February 2012

–‘Performance GIF’s: Curator’s Introduction’, Rhizome, May 2013,

–’Delinquent Bodies’, Art Papers, July/August 2013

–et al ‘Girl Swarm and the Soda Stream’, Clustermag, April 2013

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-& Cornell, Lauren ‘Technical Dificulties’, Artforum, January 2013

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‘The Perils of Post-Internet Art’, Art in America, October 2014

‘Young Incorporated Artists’ Art in America, April 2014

‘Why I Hate Post-Internet Art’, March 2014

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Ellis-Peterson, H. ‘Where have all the art punks gone?’, Guardian, March 2016

Farkas, Rozsa ZitaFeminine Aesthetic as Feminist Aesthetic’, Dry Wipe exhibition text 2013

‘Exhibitionism, or Perhaps Rejection’

–‘We All Wanna B Yunggurls Sumtimes’, Mute, December 2012

–‘The Aesthetics of Exhibtionism’, talk given at the Photographers Gallery, August 2013

–’Harry Sanderson, Human Resolution through a Render Farm: [UNIFIED FABRIC]’,, September 2013

Fateman, Johanna, ‘Women on the Verge: Art, Feminism & Social Media’, Artforum April 2015

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Gronlund, Melissa, ‘Return of The Gothic: Digital Anxiety in the Domestic Sphere’, in E-Flux, No. 51, January 2014

-‘From Narcissism to the Dialogic: Identity in Art After the Internet’ Afterall, Issue. 37 (Autumn/Winter 2014) pp.4-13

Gush, R-A., ‘War By Any Means’, Metamute, 21 May 2016

Halter, E.‘In Search of’, Artforum, November 2014

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Heiser, Jorg ‘Safety in Numbers’, Frieze, No.161, March 2014

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‘Against Representation’, DISMagazine

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-‘Vaporware’, Artforum International, No. 53, December 2012 (pp.55)

Kushnir, Alana ‘Curating, Piracy and the Internet Effect’, Leonardo, Vol. 19, Issue 4, 2013

Kyle, Chayka10 Pivotal Moments for Digital Art in 2012’, Hyperallergic, December 2012

Larios, Pablo ‘Iconoclash’, Frieze, No.161, March 2014

‘Network Fatigue’Frieze d/e, Issue 16, September-November 2014

‘Pure Products Go Crazy’, Frieze d/e, Issue 5, Summer 2012

Leslie, Esther ‘Complex Messsiah’ in Jordan Wolfson, Ecce Homo/Le Poseur, Redcat/Smak, 2013

–‘Animation’s Petrified Unrest’, Pervasive Animation, edited by Suzanne Buchan, AFI Reader, Routledge, London 2013

–‘Animation and History’, Animating Film Theory, edited by Karen Beckman, Duke University Press, 2013

–‘Flux and Flurry: Stillness and Hypermovement in Animated Worlds’,RadicalPhilosophy 152, November/December 2008

Louw, G.‘From Porn to Pizza, Some Post-Internet Art is Deeper than it Looks’, Hyperallergic, October 2015

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Marten, Helen ‘Problem Cookies: Helen Marten + Jordan Wolfson + Uri Aran’, Parkett, No. 92, 2013 (pp. 76-83)

McGarry, K.1000 Words: GCC’, Artforum, September 2015

Morgan Evans, ThomasClaire Hooper’s ‘Eris: The Path of ER’, LUX biennial of moving images live journal, May 2012

Moss, Ceci, ‘Expanded Internet Art and the Informational Milieu’, Rhizome, December 2013

Mulvey, Laura ‘Passing Time: Reflections on the Old and the New’, in Critical Cinema: Beyond the Theory of Practice, ed. Clive Meyer (New York: Wallflower Press, 2011): 80

Nagler, ErichWelcome to My Chronic Internet Freak Out Syndrome’, Rhizome, November 2013

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Radboy, BabakDo Androids Dream of Ironic Tees?’, Dismagazine, December 2011

Rooney, Em18+ Whatever Bodies, Races & Things’, Art Papers, July/August 2013

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Sanderson, HarryHuman Resolution’, MetaMute, 4 April 2013

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Schillinger, Jakob ‘User Friendly: Jakob Schillinger On Digital Labour’, Artforum November 2012

Scrimgeour, Alex ‘Participate Don’t Dominate’ Interview with Ben Vickers, Spike Art Quarterly, No.39, Spring 2014

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–& Rubenstein, Daniel ‘Notes on the Margins of Metadata; concerning the undecidability of the digital image’ in Photographies 6 (1) 2013

–& Rubenstein, Daniel ‘A Life More Photographic: Mapping the Networked Image’, Photographies, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2008

–’The Digital Image in Photographic Culture: Algorithmic photography and the crisis of representation’ in Lister, M (ed) The Photographic Image in Digital Culture, 2nd edition 2013

–’The Gift of GIF’ in Photoworks Ideas, September 2013

–’The (Photographic) Canon After the Internet: Katrina Sluis in conversation with Christiane Paul and Julian Stallabrass’ in Aperture No. 213, Winter 2013

Smith, William‘Corporate Aesthetics: The Yes Men Revolt’, Art in America, April 2014

Sollfrank, C. ‘Revisiting Cyberfeminism’, Art Papers, May/June 2015
Stakemeier, K.PROSTHETIC PRODUCTIONS. THE ART OF DIGITAL BODIES / On “Speculations on Anonymous Materials” at Fridericianum, Kassel’, Texte Zur Kunst, Issue 93, March 2014
-‘Exchangeables: Aesthetics Against Art’, Texte Zur Kunst, Issue 98, June 2015
Steyerl, HitoIn Defense of the Poor Image’, E-Flux, No.10, November 2009

The Wretched of The Screen, E-Flux Books, 2012

‘Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead’, E-Flux, No.49, November 2013

-‘Digital Debris: Spam and Scam’, October 138, 2011 (pp. 70-80)

‘The Spam of the Earth: Withdrawal from Representation’, E-Flux #32, February 2012

‘In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective’, E-Flux #24, April 2011

Stuhr-Rommereim, HelenI don’t actually know where my faculties are’, Full Stop August 2015

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–et al, ‘Club Kids: The Social Life of Artists on Facebook’, Dismagazine

–‘Art After Social Media’, Art Papers, July/August 2013

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‘Some Brief Notes On: How Post-Internet Got Lost’, Pastebin, October 2013

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‘The Image Object Post Internet’ 2010

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Warner, N. ‘Prosumerism’, Art Monthly, September 2013

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Wolff, Rachel ‘Cut-and-paste Culture: The New Collage’, ArtNews, December 2013

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Exhibition Catalogues

Archey, K. & Peckham, R. (eds.)Art Post-Internet, ex. cat, UCCA Beijing 2014

Burke, H. (ed)Netnarrative exhibition catalogue, Carlos Ishikawa, 2012

Carrion-Murayari, G.Camille Henrot: The Restless Earth, ex cat, New Museum, 2014

Cornell, L. & Trecartin, R. (eds.)Surround Audience,, New Museum 2015

Found, P. (ed)The Body In Women’s Art Now Part 3: Recreation, ex cat, ROLLO, 2011

The Future Queen of the Screen, ex cat, ROLLO, 2012

Kholeif, O. (ed)Electronic Superhighway: From Experiments in Art and Technology to Art After the Internet,, Whitechapel 2016

Kushnir, Alana (ed.)Paraproduction,  Boetzelaer|Nispen, 2012

Ruf, BeatrixEd Atkins, ex cat, JRP Ringier, 2014

Pfeffer, S. (ed)Speculations on Anonymous Materials, Fridericianum, Kassel 2014

Interviews & Roundtables

Budd, AmyReconstructing the Stock Image: Interview with Rachel Reupke’, LUX/ICA Biennial of Moving Images Live Journal, May 2012

Biancoli, Giampaolo, ‘Artist Profile: Ed Atkins’, Rhizome, 2013

Cohan, Nate‘Corporate Aesthetics: Shanzhai Biennial’, Art in America, April 2014

Graiwer, Sarah LehrerIN THE STUDIO: RYAN TRECARTIN’, Art in America, March 2013

Kay, Jean,Interview With Jesse Darling’, AQNB, October 2013

‘Interview with Kari Altmann’ AQNB, June 2014

Lange, Jennifer‘Interview with Ryan Trecartin’,, 2008

Mclean-Ferris, Laura, ‘Artist Profile: Rachel Reupke’, Rhizome, September 2013

Podesva, Kristina Lee in conversation with Ryan Trecartin ‘When the time comes, you won’t understand the battlefield’ Fillip 13, Spring 2011 (pp.101-5)

Rittenbach, KariMore than a feeling: An interview with James Richards’, Rhizome, September 2013

Shen Goodman, Matthew‘Corporate Aesthetics: Dora Budor’, Art in America, MAy 2014

Sherlock, Amy ‘Focus: Interview Lucy Clout’, Frieze, No.161, March 2014

Sutcliffe, J.‘A Prehistory of the Cloud: an interview with Tung-Hui Hu’, Rhizome, December 2015

Ward, D.‘Flatness: An Interview With Shama Khanna’, Rhizome, September 2015


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