Maja Cule: Facing the Same Direction 2014

Facing the Same Direction
Maja Cule

Curated with Cadence Kinsey
PV: 11th October 6-9pm (additionally, the artist and curator will be in conversation for a small tour of the exhibition at 5pm on 11th)
Exhibition: 12th October – 15th November 2014 (Gallery Open Thu-Sat 12-5pm)

To fail harder, is to do what you love and be drawn closer into its economy.

Maja Cule’s first UK solo exhibition, titled Facing the Same Direction, wilfully folds itself into DWYL* culture.

The exhibition features Cule’s latest video work, new objects designed by the artist, and a crowdfunding campaign, which together, as with previous projects, figure through the limits and edges of image making. Much of Cule’s work has been described in terms of technology – in particular raising questions of access, exploring micro-social power structures, and referencing cinema. More than this though, the idea of a ‘sharing economy’ provides a conceptual frame for current cultural production, and is one which Cule pulls into both herself and the works in the exhibition.

Sharing is now stationed with making; and as sharing one’s production becomes more aggressively attached to the process of this production itself, it brings with it, and into the artwork, another mass- produced neoliberal construct – forgetting about overcoming the obstacles faced in doing what you love, and instead just failing harder.

*(DWYL = Do What You Love)

A transcript of the introductory notes to the conversation have been been published here by DIS Magazine


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