Art After the Internet is a major new three-year research project, hosted by UCL and funded by a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, which will investigate the impact of Web2.0 on recent art practice in Europe and Northern America. It will not only explore those works which directly engage with digital or Internet technology, but also consider how more traditional categories of media – such as painting, installation or film – might respond to new technologies in terms of their formal or conceptual concerns. The aim is not to simply survey the use of digital or Internet technology in art but rather to explore and analyse examples in which the technology might be seen to be asking questions either of itself or the category  ‘art’. As such, this project will explore the many ways that Web2.0 has challenged wider modes of spectatorship and artistic production, as well as think about how it intersects with questions of class, ethnicity and gender.

The project is run by Dr Cadence Kinsey. More information on her research can be found on the ‘Researcher‘ pages

I have been interviewed about my research for the following publications:

BBC Culture


*Please note this project is now finished. It ran from September 2013 to September 2016. The results will be forthcoming as a book*

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