Toward Embodiment

 ‘Toward Embodiment’ is the catalogue essay for the exhibition ReCreation, the final installment in the critically acclaimed three-part series The Body in Women’s Art Now, curated by Philippa Found, Gallery Director of ROLLO Contemporary Art (2009-2012). This final exhibition of the series, The Body in Women’s Art Now: Part 3 – ReCreation, brings together interactive performance artworks, electronic performance video art, video art and prints by Gazira Babeli, Helen Carmel Benigson (Princess Belsize Dollar), Anne-Marie Schleiner, and Miri Segal. By using new technologies and utilising the Internet as a source material in their art, these artists create works that comment upon the shifting status and experience of the body in a technologically driven world. More information about the exhibition can be found here

Foregrounding the question of ‘the body’, this article looks at the way in which the four exhibited artists are attempting to map out the emergent possibilities and problematics of representation for the female body in recent art which engages with new technology. In particular, it looks at the fact that what is shared amongst these practices is the way that they problematize the historical relationship between the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’ body and, more importantly, question whether these terms are still a relevant mode of enquiry.

Title: ‘Toward Embodiment’

Date: 2011

Book or Journal Title: The Body in Women’s Art Now: Part 3 – ReCreation ex. cat.

Publisher: ROLLO


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